Binary Options Trading Intro

Binary Options StrategyBinary options are a way to trade on asset movements. This means that trading is not performed on an actual asset, there’s no buying or selling of real assets, but on the price movement of that asset instead. The underlying asset, or the price of the option being traded, is what is actually traded. A trader only needs to determine if the price of an option will go up or down and that is what binary options are.

In binary options trading the trader will select an asset from an inventory and choose if the price of that asset will go up or down at the end of the trading period (The expiry time of the option). For traders who believe the price of the option will go up they should buy a Call Option. If traders believe the price of an option will go down they should buy a Put Option. At the end of the trading period, at the expiration time of the option, you can either make a profit if you were right in your prediction or lose your money if you were wrong.

The allure of trading binary options is nested in the simplicity of the trade. Traders need to be right in their prediction of prices by a bare minimum in order to make a profit. For instance if you are trading in currencies then you need to be right by at least a PIP which is one out of 10,000 or .0001 right in your prediction. In stock options assets you need to be right by at least a penny. Due to this, binary options have become very popular since 2008 because they offer big payouts to traders who are right in predicting if an option will go up or down by the bare minimum.

There are different types of binary options:
  • Put/Call options that predict if an option will reach a certain price.
  • Boundary options. Boundary options are a way to trade in predicting if the price of an option will fall into or outside of a certain price range at the expiry time.
  • One Touch Options – a prediction which states that a certain price will be reached during the binary option trade period.

Such a level of customization in trading (not found in any other type of market trading) is part of the reasons why binary options have become so popular. In no way does this plus value mean that no skill is required in order to trade in binary options. Traders still need to understand and know the asset in which they are interested and learn about market trends and financial influences which might affect trading. However, if you are an average trader who is in the know then customizing your trades is another big plus factor for binary options.

Being successful in binary options is depended on finding a good broker and excelling your trading skills. Traders need to remember that your profits and loses go through a binary options broker. And in this way of trading you lose more then you make when you are wrong. Usually traders make up to 75% profits and sometimes get returns of 15% of their money when they are wrong because some of your investment in the underlying asset goes to the broker. Option brokers usually make an average 10% profit on any trade.

Learning how to trade is a process and demands time. Successful traders can earn significant profits in this market and do not have to leave everything up to chance. The associated names of All in trading and all or nothing options are not the case if a trader invests in educating him/her self about different trading strategies and techniques. Then your chances of being a successful binary options trader increase by tenfold and so can your profits.

Options trading are the systematic trading of different options over an exchange. Options are more commonly traded through brokers. This is an example of an online broker. More recently options binary trading have moved online and are now more commonly known as online binary options trading. Online trading has completely revolutionized the way options trading operates.Trading online options works as a means to profit from the constantly changing market without having to directly invest in any particular stock, commodity, index, or currency. This means that if you are interested in trading on the stock market but do not currently own any underlying stocks, trading options online enables you to trade the options that are offered on these stocks. There are two different types of options, Call Options and Put Options.

How about Binary Options?

Unlike other options available for trading, the Binary Options in finance imply a payoff method, where you either received a fixed amount of an asset or nothing at all. Just as in computer jargon, the binary numbers 0 and 1 signify True Value or False Value, also interpreted as a win/loss situation. Similarly, the Binary Options simply provide two options, winning or losing a pre-fixed amount when you trade in them. Online trading has made it possible for traders using Binary Options platforms to greatly benefit from many different assets and achieve real results.

How Binary Options Trading Works?

Trading binary options has become very popular in recent years. This is due to the fact that many online binary options trading websites have emerged which offer the ability to trade with ease in binary options. Most of these web sites offer a no download trading platform which is very simple to understand and operate. Because of its simplicity it is both cheaper to trade online instead of paying a broker offline.

When purchasing options you are buying the right to buy or sell an asset at a pre-agreed on price. These assets can be indices, stocks, commodities and even currencies. However, in the realm of binary trading the end result is either to make a profit or lose all of your money. If your binary option has ended its trading period and is “in the money” in the price range or price you have predicted then you are bound to make a lucrative profit. However, if you are wrong in predicting the price of your underlying asset then you lose all of your investment. This is why binary options are still considered a high yield but high risk investment.

Binary Options Types

There are many different types of binary options trading methods. The most common types are:
  • Range
  • High-Low
  • Touch/No Touch

Range binary options trading is when a trader is requested to predict if a certain asset or commodity will be in a specific price range at the expiry time of the trading. In this way if you are right and your option ends up in the range decided before trading then you will get your agreed upon return which can reach as high as 70% or even more. If you are wrong, you will lose all your money. Traders should remember that a dedicated binary options trader will acquire the right tools which will help him/her in achieving more certainty and information about trading binary options. Some of these tools can be the Black-Scholes formula which allows some sort of prediction about where the price of a binary option is going, however, it’s important to admit that no tool or education can ever accurately predict market trends and especially option trading.

High Low binary options trading is when a trader is requested to predict if a certain asset will expire with a higher or lower price than the original price in which it was purchased.

No Touch binary trading is when a trader is requested to predict if an asset will reach a certain price before it expires.

There are many risks involved in options trading. The first and foremost being that an entire investment can be lost in a matter of minutes. Beginning traders should always spread out their trading in binary options and risk manage their investments. The risk involved in losing all your money has given binary trading many nicknames such as: “all or nothing trading” and “All in trading”. These connotations are derived from the betting world and are not to be taken lightly. Risk management when trading in binary options is a must and is part of what makes a great binary options trader.

There is a huge appeal to binary trading. Most of it is the ability to make unprecedented profits and returns in a limited amount of time. Binary options returns can reach as high as 70% and even higher on a successful trade and all of that in as little as 60 seconds (on certain expiry times). The allure is great for people who are risk takers by nature and those who appreciate immediate gratifications.

With online options trading, it is not only important to anticipate the quantum of increase or decrease that the underlying instrument is likely to experience, but it is equally important to correctly predict the general direction, whether up or down, in which the instrument is likely to move. Therefore, you can enter a “call option” if you predict a rise in the price of the underlying instrument. Conversely, you can enter a “put option” if you predict a fall in price of the underlying instrument.

Also, an option has a contract price and an expiration date attached to it. In this trade, the price of the underlying instrument on the expiration date is compared to the underlying contract price to help determine if the price is higher or lower than the contract price. It is also important to remember that not all instruments are available for online options trading. To select an online option trading instrument, check listed options in the exchange. Also, remember that trading online options are always settled in cash and do not involve exchange of any instrument.

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